champagne taste

Okay so if you know me well enough, you probably already know that I absolutely. hate. doing. laundry.

I would say I hate doing laundry just as much as I hate doing the dishes.

But don’t worry, I’m not a total slob, I swear. I would vacuum and scrub my bathroom floor 3 times a day if I could but who really has the time for that?

So any how, back to laundry. I figured it was about time that we re-vamp the laundry room. I know it’s not one of those rooms like “oh hey! Let me give you the grand tour! You gotta see my laundry room!”…..I get it.

But you see your laundry room, and you have to spend time in it. So why not love it?

So here’s the E-Design I came up with……


Pretty, right?

I really love the gray cabinets. They’re modern and sleek looking yet almost soft and soothing at the same time.

The cabinets are called Maple Greige and they’re made by J & K Cabinetry .


My family’s home improvement company uses J & K all the time. Not only are they affordable but they’re good quality and they have a great selection.

Moving right along to the fixtures and hardware. I am totally OBSESSED with champagne gold. I found these golden champagne knobs by Amerock and I am just in love because they are so stinking pretty! What do you think?champagne-knobs

Then I found this stunning mini chandelier by Jeremiah Lighting .


And of course…… it’s on back order.

This happens to me all the time I promise.

But I am a firm believer in the whole good things will come to those who wait saying. So I’m going to stick it out and wait until November 14th till I can get this baby delivered to my door step.


Is anyone else out there thinking about redecorating their laundry room?

I’m telling you, give your laundry room a little TLC, it pays off when you’re in there for 2 hours folding 500 pairs of socks.

And stay tuned! Because in the next few weeks I’ll be posting some pictures of the final outcome as well as some tips for decorating your dream laundry room.



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