An Apartment Reveal & An Apology

So guys…I’m sorry.
I know I told you that I would have a “reveal post” for you over the weekend.
I had everything finished, the photos taken, the details written down. But you know, I am sorta new to this whole blog thing and the fact of the matter is, who really wants to read a blog post on a Sunday?
Not even me.
I was actually getting ready to write this post and then all of a sudden my husband offered me a glass of wine.
Like, yes. Absolutely. ( slams laptop shut )
The football games and the dinner parties and whatever else you folks do on your weekends are way more cool and I get it.
So I’m going to share the reveal with you today. Come on in…
I got a call from a very good friend of mine who told me that he just got an apartment on the south shore of Long Island. He gave me the keys to his apartment and told me to take a look and get a few ideas together.
Here’s what I had to work with…….
I’ll be honest….the only word I could use to describe this apartment was “cave”. It was a big blob of brown, tan and beige. It was the total opposite of what my client wanted, lots of white and grays, modern and contemporary.
With a month to decorate a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and a budget of $1,000.00, I got to work right away. I was determined to find the best finds for the best deals.
First things first, we needed new paint and bad. The tan colors we had on the walls did not do the space justice. It made everything seem very dark and ya know, cave-like.
I wanted to freshen things up so I decided to go with Benjamin Moore’s Cloud Nine paint and add accents of Benjamin Moore’s Steel Wool. The Cloud Nine is technically considered white, but there’s a very slight hint of gray in it so its not so stark. And the Steel Wool….UGH…It’s one of my favorites.
You would not believe the difference a few coats of paint will make. I swear the apartment seems three times the size.
Now for the living room. I thought finding a couch that would fit into the budget would be so easy. Just walk into Home Goods and pick one of those right?
It was really important to my client that he had a couch that pulled out to a bed as well. He’s an extremely family-oriented guy and this would definitely come in handy when he had his family coming to visit.
I ended up finding this sleeper sofa on Overstock and I got it for a great price. The dark gray fit into his color-scheme and really popped against the cloud nine wall.
(And believe it or not, It’s actually pretty comfortable too. Which is weird because these sleeper sofas are notorious for being uncomfortable.)
I completed the living room with an ivory wool rug and a distressed wood and chrome coffee table.
Moving right along to the bathroom….
The original color was a pale, limey green. Just blah. Not modern or contemporary. Just blah.
I gave this bathroom a whole new look by just painting the walls with the BM Steel Wool, changing the shower curtain, adding some abstract art and adding a new light fixture.
And for those of you out there who are hating on your bathrooms but don’t feel like spending a ton of money. I did this for under $100.00. Yep! Bathrooms can be beautiful, just gotta give em a little TLC
Right off of the living room we had an empty corner. I decided to put a bar cart here (because who dosen’t like one of those?)
My client wanted his apartment to ‘feel like home’. Having something like this off the living room makes cocktails and glassware easily accesible to guests. Noone has to rummage through your kitchen cabinets to find a martini glass and not only that, but let me remind you this is a smaller apartment which means a smaller kitchen. Clearing the 2 cabinets that held the liquor and glassware made more room for dishes, silverware and small appliances.
Now the bedroom, which I am truly in love and obsessed with…………..
I’m sorry but all you’re getting today is a little sneak peak.
Apparently the stairs going up to this apartment are just narrow enough that we couldn’t fit the box spring.
We tried, we really did.
And when I say ‘we’ I mean the 6 guys from Bob’s Furniture that came to try and get this box spring up about 32 different ways.
It just wouldn’t fit.
But that’s okay! Because I found a store that has the full box spring in a split. So pretty much it comes in 2 smaller pieces instead of one big one;
So that should be delivered on Wednesday which means Wednesday night I can go and get my ‘final bedroom reveal’ photos taken and ready to share with you.
Well that’s all I have for today. Below is a source list for anyone interested.
Living Room Sources:
Bathroom Sources:
Bedroom Sources:
And like I mentioned earlier in this post…I’m new to this, so just bear with me and I promise I’ll get better as time goes on.
Happy Monday everyone!

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