How To: DIY Accent Wall with Molding

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like last week was somewhat of a whirlwind. Like party mode “oh my gosh its sunny, there’s a pool, let’s grab a cocktail” kinda mode. And it went on Saturday, Sunday…..”Oh here’s Monday let’s be professional at work kind of day” and then “yasssssssss! I’m off from work again?! Let’s go by the pool and have more cocktails!”

I was somewhat scorched and dehydrated to say the least, and I may or may not have gained a few pounds from all of the deliciousness I ate.

But enough of that….

I’ve been wanting to do something special in my dining room for awhile now. You see the dining room as soon as you walk into our home, it’s where everyone sits to eat for dinner, and it’s the wall that I stare at when I’m doing my dishes, so yeah, I wanted something pretty.

So I decided to do this custom/wainscoting/paneled thing that I’m not even 100% sure what you would call this style of molding.

So I drew it up and this is what I got…



Don’t laugh. It’s nothing fancy it’s just a lot of math and a lot of double, triple and quadruple checking (because wouldn’t that stink if you just nailed all this molding into your wall and you have octagons and pentagons and not those awesome squares that you want)

So I measured my wall (7 or 8 times) and I got 135 inches long by 84 inches high.


Then I had to minus my “border”. I decided to use 3 inch wide moldings, so we made a box with the moldings and were now left with a 128 inch long by 79 inch high area.

Here’s a visual…


We then found the center and marked it on the wall with a little pencil mark.


Now here’s the tricky part. You need to kind of play around with your measurements to find out what size squares you can actually do. I found it easier to start in the center and work my way out.

So in my case it worked out best to have 24″x24″ squares. But remember, no wall is perfect, so unfortunately you’re not going to have totally perfect squares. The 3 squares on the ends of my wall ended up being 21″x24″ squares, that was the closest to 24″x24″ I could get.

So the hard part was…….


I was actually kind of excited. I was always so horrible at math that when I finally figured out the measurements for my wall I was like “Oh yeah? I did that” (brushes shoulder off)

So now that I figured this out, I gave my drawing to my amazingly talented best brother ever. He does the kitchen and bath work for my family’s company and he just so happens to be extremely talented when it comes to moldings and carpentry. And yeah….he’s only 23.


So he got started…..and we ended up with this…



I wanted to make it a little extra special. So I asked Jesse if we could get some decorative molding to put inside. Here’s what we he did…



Now that we got the moldings just right, all we had to do was add some wood filler and caulk to fill in any nail holes or seams. This was supposed to be my job, so I decided to ask a friend to help me. But friends, wine, wood filler and an impatient temperament just don’t mix. Sooooo I had Jesse come over and help me, again. But he definitely did it better than I ever could, and that’s what brothers are for right?


So now it was time to paint.

I realllllly wanted white. Like who’s not a sucker for white? But then I thought I’d have to listen to my husband complain that everything in the house is white. Then I saw this super pretty, dreamy, grayish, blue color and I was sold. That’s my color!

Pikes Peak Gray

Benjamin Moore-Pike’s Peak Gray

The painting I actually did do by myself. With wine. And a friend.


And I have to say I am just loving the results.

Not too long after we finished painting, the hubs was actually working on a job in Brookville and met a wallpaper hanger. They talked, exchanged numbers, and the guy said that he would come to our home to give us an estimate on hanging wallpaper in the kitchen. The price was right and I was on the hunt to find the perfect wallpaper to compliment my accent wall. I knew I wanted something grayish, something silver, something damask. Everything I found was either crazy fancy or too cheapy looking. I literally looked for days.

And then Robert called (our wallpaper hanger), he told me he had extra wallpaper left over from a job and it would be just enough to do our kitchen. Ugh…was I going to have to settle?

Well let me tell you, my heart skipped a beat when he sent me the wallpaper.


I was so freaking excited!

(Me: Babe thank you so so much! I can’t believe you told Robert what I wanted and he was able to find it! You knew I wanted the damask wallpaper. You’re seriously the best!

Sean: What’s damask?

Me: Oh… you didn’t tell him?

Sean: No. )

Like I said…dream come true


What do you guys think?

Any wall in your home that you want to make a focal point?

(p.s and if you do and you’re in the Long Island area, definitely feel free to reach out for my brother’s info. As you can see, he is AH-MAZ-ING)


Thanks for reading loves!