The Top 5 Questions I Get Asked About My Quartz Countertops


Cambria_Torquay 3

When we were designing our kitchen, I was just so obsessed with marble. I mean, who wouldn’t be? It’s gorgeous and timeless and did I say gorgeous? But let’s face the facts…I like my wine, and I like to entertain. So as much as I tried to convince myself that I could guard my precious marble countertops with my life and save it from all the stains and etching just wasn’t happening. Let’s be real folks. Life happens, and that’s okay.

So off I went to find an alternative, and then I found quartz…..

(Ella by Cambria, Torquay by Cambria, Brittanica by Cambria)

Pretty right? We ended up choosing the Torquay design by Cambria Quartz

Most of my friends have been putting either marble or granite in their kitchens so I do get alot of questions on my quartz counter tops and whether or not I would recommend them. Here are the top 5 questions I get asked about my counter tops:

1. What exactly is Quartz?

Quartz counter tops are a mixture of natural stone quartz and small amounts of resin and pigment. The blend produces a very hard, granite like surface that is glossy and non-porous. Not into glossy? I just saw that Cambria came out with some super cool matte quartz styles that you can check out here .

2. What does it cost?

Like anything, you get what you pay for. The cost of different quartz brands I looked at seemed to vary from about $30.00 a square foot to $150.00 a square foot. Obviously the more expensive quartz was of higher quality. Compared to granite, I thought the cost was about the same.

3. So what’s more durable? Granite or Quartz?

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals in the world. After it’s engineered, it’s non porous which makes it very unlikely to stain and less likely to crack. Personally, I found my counter tops to be extremely durable, especially for a light stone. There has been so many times I’ve woken up after a night of having company over to realize that there was some wine that dropped on the counter, maybe some tomato sauce, random piece of chocolate cake… you get the deal. And not once have I ever had my counter tops stain, EVER!

4. Can you put hot pots on it?

Honestly, I’m sure you can. Would I do it? Probably not. As durable as a quartz counter top is, I don’t think that gives me (or anyone else) the right to beat the crap out of it. It’s not that hard to just take out a trivet and set my pots on there and I’d rather be safe than sorry.


5. How do you clean it?

Maintaining quartz is super low maintenance, unlike a material like marble. The manufacturers usually say to just wipe down the quartz with some warm soapy water. If I really want to get my counter tops looking super shiny, I clean them with the Thieves Household Cleaner (which is AMAZING) and can be found here.

Cambria_Torquay 2


So would I recommend quartz counter tops? Absolutely. I still do love marble to the moon and back but unfortunately I just don’t think were a good fit. Quartz comes in stunning and gorgeous colors, it holds up extremely well when it comes to food and liquids that may stain AND it’s super easy to maintain. So if you’re looking to have a beautiful kitchen counter top that you don’t have to pamper 24/7, go for it! I’m telling you, you will not regret it.








5 Tips to Determine Your Design Style

So as some of you may know, my husband and I purchased our first home in 2014. It was definitely a fixer-upper. It was a bank owned home and since the bank forgot to turn the water supply off, winter came, the pipes froze and things went crazy. When we first walked in it was dark, damp and kinda gross. There was water leaking from about 5 different places, black mold covering the basement and the wood floors were completely warped. But I loved it because I saw the potential it had. I was excited that we were able to literally rip every little thing in that house down to the studs and start fresh.

Our First House

I’m not going to lie…it was stressful. Working full time, trying to run back and forth between work and the house, making sure everything was running smoothly and then making about 17 decisions all at once. Where are the light fixtures going? What color cabinets? Granite or quartz? What color stain? What siding material?

And then you look and Pinterest and magazines and you love like 29 different kitchens and 6 different chandeliers. It’s overwhelming. Because in the end, you want to make the right choice.

So a few months later when all the construction is done and its time to move in and start decorating. And here we go again! More decision making! What paint color for our master bedroom? What rug works best with this sofa? What hardware am I going with? And yeah…again, it’s overwhelming. Because you’re spending all of that money and you want to be sure you’re making the right choice, right?

(I know I know, First World Problems)

I made A LOT of mistakes. Well….. I don’t know if you would really call them mistakes…but I would put stuff together that looked good, but wasn’t really me. For instance, Joanna Gaines, love her, love her show, love her style. I bought this pigs head statue thingy for my wall, like very vintage/farmhouse/Joanna Gaines-ish, I hung him up and named him Wilbur  (don’t laugh because he was actually pretty cute) But after him hanging out there for a bit, I realized it’s not me, it’s not my style. So down Wilbur came and off he went with a nice man from Craigslist with an animal head fetish.


So the bottom line is, trying to pinpoint your design style can be tough. There are a million and one options out there to choose from and there is a constant flow of design trends popping in on your Pinterest feed.

Whether you’re designing a kitchen or decorating your living room, I put these super simple tips together to help you determine your personal design style and get your dream look for whatever room you’re tackling.


1. Drop the Paint Brush- Whatever you do, do not paint first! Why? Because you decide to go with the gorgeous teal paint color you saw in Aunt Suzy’s powder room and then guess what? You’re stuck picking out curtains and throw pillows that compliment that paint color instead of picking out what you actually like. Instead, purchase whatever you love, then choose the paint that will help tie your room together.

2. Track Your Style History- If you don’t have a Pinterest account, I highly recommend you get one. Let’s say your planning to remodel your kitchen, you would create a Pinterest board dedicated to all things Kitchen. Once you feel you have a good amount of inspiration, back track on things that you’ve pinned and look for any similarities. Maybe you’ll see a lot of gold hardware, a lot of white cabinetry. By recognizing the similarities in your pins, you’ll be able to determine what you really, truly love. Ya see what I mean?white kitchen pinterest

3. Organize Your Thoughts on Pinterest- Although Pinterest can be dangerous because there’s just so many amazing ideas, it’s really your lifesaver if you use it right. Decorating your master bedroom? Make a Pinterest board solely dedicated to that room. Pin your bedding, lighting, area rug, EVERYTHING! Being able to see everything all laid out together will help you determine what works together. If you’re not loving the look, keep pinning ideas until you feel you’ve got it right. That way you can see everything together without actually purchasing it. (If you don’t have Pinterest you can easily do this by creating a mood board as well)  Pinterest Sample                                                                                                                                        

4. Be Sentimental- It’s your house, so it should reflect YOU! For awhile there you could go to Home Goods and find like 50 rooster statues. And don’t get me wrong, roosters are cute, but the rooster trend probably came from some farmer’s wife in Oklahoma who had a rooster obsession or something. Trends come and go, but decorate your home with pieces that have meaning, and you’ll be sure to love it in the years to come. For example, are you an equestrian? Drop the trendy pieces and maybe swap them out for items like this……

( Equestrian Frame Set / Ballard Horse Finial )

5. Put yourself to the Test- Still not too sure? Take a test! These 3 are totally fun and will help you pin point your unique design style:


So that’s it! Those are my simple go-to steps to determine your design style. Do you have any tips? What are your favorites?



How To: DIY Accent Wall with Molding

I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like last week was somewhat of a whirlwind. Like party mode “oh my gosh its sunny, there’s a pool, let’s grab a cocktail” kinda mode. And it went on Saturday, Sunday…..”Oh here’s Monday let’s be professional at work kind of day” and then “yasssssssss! I’m off from work again?! Let’s go by the pool and have more cocktails!”

I was somewhat scorched and dehydrated to say the least, and I may or may not have gained a few pounds from all of the deliciousness I ate.

But enough of that….

I’ve been wanting to do something special in my dining room for awhile now. You see the dining room as soon as you walk into our home, it’s where everyone sits to eat for dinner, and it’s the wall that I stare at when I’m doing my dishes, so yeah, I wanted something pretty.

So I decided to do this custom/wainscoting/paneled thing that I’m not even 100% sure what you would call this style of molding.

So I drew it up and this is what I got…



Don’t laugh. It’s nothing fancy it’s just a lot of math and a lot of double, triple and quadruple checking (because wouldn’t that stink if you just nailed all this molding into your wall and you have octagons and pentagons and not those awesome squares that you want)

So I measured my wall (7 or 8 times) and I got 135 inches long by 84 inches high.


Then I had to minus my “border”. I decided to use 3 inch wide moldings, so we made a box with the moldings and were now left with a 128 inch long by 79 inch high area.

Here’s a visual…


We then found the center and marked it on the wall with a little pencil mark.


Now here’s the tricky part. You need to kind of play around with your measurements to find out what size squares you can actually do. I found it easier to start in the center and work my way out.

So in my case it worked out best to have 24″x24″ squares. But remember, no wall is perfect, so unfortunately you’re not going to have totally perfect squares. The 3 squares on the ends of my wall ended up being 21″x24″ squares, that was the closest to 24″x24″ I could get.

So the hard part was…….


I was actually kind of excited. I was always so horrible at math that when I finally figured out the measurements for my wall I was like “Oh yeah? I did that” (brushes shoulder off)

So now that I figured this out, I gave my drawing to my amazingly talented best brother ever. He does the kitchen and bath work for my family’s company and he just so happens to be extremely talented when it comes to moldings and carpentry. And yeah….he’s only 23.


So he got started…..and we ended up with this…



I wanted to make it a little extra special. So I asked Jesse if we could get some decorative molding to put inside. Here’s what we he did…



Now that we got the moldings just right, all we had to do was add some wood filler and caulk to fill in any nail holes or seams. This was supposed to be my job, so I decided to ask a friend to help me. But friends, wine, wood filler and an impatient temperament just don’t mix. Sooooo I had Jesse come over and help me, again. But he definitely did it better than I ever could, and that’s what brothers are for right?


So now it was time to paint.

I realllllly wanted white. Like who’s not a sucker for white? But then I thought I’d have to listen to my husband complain that everything in the house is white. Then I saw this super pretty, dreamy, grayish, blue color and I was sold. That’s my color!

Pikes Peak Gray

Benjamin Moore-Pike’s Peak Gray

The painting I actually did do by myself. With wine. And a friend.


And I have to say I am just loving the results.

Not too long after we finished painting, the hubs was actually working on a job in Brookville and met a wallpaper hanger. They talked, exchanged numbers, and the guy said that he would come to our home to give us an estimate on hanging wallpaper in the kitchen. The price was right and I was on the hunt to find the perfect wallpaper to compliment my accent wall. I knew I wanted something grayish, something silver, something damask. Everything I found was either crazy fancy or too cheapy looking. I literally looked for days.

And then Robert called (our wallpaper hanger), he told me he had extra wallpaper left over from a job and it would be just enough to do our kitchen. Ugh…was I going to have to settle?

Well let me tell you, my heart skipped a beat when he sent me the wallpaper.


I was so freaking excited!

(Me: Babe thank you so so much! I can’t believe you told Robert what I wanted and he was able to find it! You knew I wanted the damask wallpaper. You’re seriously the best!

Sean: What’s damask?

Me: Oh… you didn’t tell him?

Sean: No. )

Like I said…dream come true


What do you guys think?

Any wall in your home that you want to make a focal point?

(p.s and if you do and you’re in the Long Island area, definitely feel free to reach out for my brother’s info. As you can see, he is AH-MAZ-ING)


Thanks for reading loves!









How To: Refresh Your Bathroom

Hey there! I’m sorry I’ve been totally horrible with posting. I’m such a bad blogger, I know.

But…..if you follow me on instagram, I’ve been pretty good with posting on there. So that has to count for something right?

I recently posted a picture of my updated master bathroom vanity and promised you guys that I would do a blog post this week on how you can give your master suite a little TLC and make it look stunning, shiny and new.

vanity stylig

So lucky you! Here ya go…..


  1. Towels, Shower Curtains & Bathmats- An easy way to refresh your bathroom is to pick up some new towels. I always like to get white towels because you can just throw them in the wash with a little bleach and just like that, they’re super white again. When choosing hand towels I always like to pick something with a pattern. Hand towels are usually out and about for you and your guests to see, so you need something pretty. I try to incorporate the hand towels with what ever my color scheme or theme is just to help pull the whole look together. Like striped hand towels to match the striped shower curtain or towels with a damask print to go with a vintage-romantic styled bathroom…you get my vibe. The same goes for your shower curtain and bath mat. Here are some of my favorites…

Kassatex Foglia Bath TowelJohn Robshaw Mitta Shower CurtainCastile Rose Bath Mat

2. Update your Mirror & Lighting-

This is so easy and can be done fairly quickly. Pick a mirror and some pretty new sconces that you love to give your bathroom a brand new feel. I like to pick items that really make a statement. Here are a few I love…..

Beaded Beveled MirrorTransitional X Wall SconceBungalow Rose LeClaire Flushmount 

3. Paint- Picking paint for your bathroom or powder room can be tricky because you’re not usually getting a ton of natural light in there. So you’re relying on your sconces/flush mount/hi hats (artificial lighting) to show the paint the way it’s supposed to be. Believe me I know….I spent half a day painting my guest bathroom this gorgeous dark green color that didn’t look so gorgeous when it was done. It was more like this gloomy dark forest look going on in there. It was kinda sad. Rookie mistake. So 2 coats of primer, 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Sag Harbor Gray and 1 grumpy husband later….we were back in business. So get swatches, tape them to your wall…how does it look? Does it compliment your tile and vanity? Doing this will help you pick your perfect hue. Here are some good ones….

Snowfall by Benjamin Moore, Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, Muddy Blush by Benjamin Moore

4. Jars, Canisters & Storage- You need to face the facts….an overly cluttered medicine cabinet isn’t cute, it’s not functional and it’s not pleasant. Neither are the conditioner and shampoo bottles falling all over the place every time you go to reach for your St. Ives Apricot Scrub or crying because your toddler just took the whole box of q-tips and threw them in the toilet. But there’s solutions.

Let’s start with storage…take a trip to Home Goods and pick up a few baskets and pretty storage boxes. Put extra shampoos in one, hair care in the other and so on. Make sure to go through your bathroom and do a clean sweep of products you don’t use. This way everything’s organized and in its rightful place.

And don’t feel the need to clutter your vanity with random decorative objects. Instead, get a nice jar to hold cotton balls and q-tips. Get a pretty soap dispenser and a nice decorative hand towel. Be PRACTICAL!!! And don’t stop there, try using pretty acrylic containers to hold shampoos and conditioners too, it just gives your shower a nice clean look. And please please pleaseeeee remember to use acrylic containers and not glass.

Glass+Shampoo+Water = glass slipping out of your hands, breaking all over the place and your trip to the emergency room.

Try these…..

Acrylic Soap Pump, Pier1 Gray Paper Rope Basket Set, Apothecary Canister Set

5. Ditch the Old Hardware- Builders grade hardware can make your bathroom vanity seem outdated and blahh. Refresh your space with some new hardware. Your vanity hardware is the jewelry of the bathroom, it should be statement making and reflect your taste and style. I. Am. In. Love with Anthropologie’s hardware. The pieces are so unique and fun and the quality is super nice. But look around and find something that you love. This simple, small change can really make a difference. Look at these lovelies….

Anthropolgie Tuva Pull, Amerock Champagne Gold Seagrass Pull, Restoration Hardware Glass Cup Pull

So there’s my five favorite tips & tricks for refreshing and revamping your bathroom. What are your favorites?

Cleaning Chemical Free: Review of Young Living 

When my friend Michelle introduced me to Young Living, I invited her over to host a little “oils party”.

She brought over some oils for us to try as well as the Thieves all purpose cleaner.

When one of the girls asked her what drew her to essential oils, she explained that she started to use the essential oils as cleaning products instead of the standard household cleaners which are filled with toxins and harsh chemicals.

It totally made sense to me. I’m a girl who maybe watched one-to-many lets save the earth, lets go green, lets cut out processed foods kinds of documentary’s and now I’m obsessed.

(( So you get the point….I actually was about 4 months pregnant, starving, and decided to eat a lean cuisine. Then in my head I’m thinking, HOLY CRAP! I’m feeding my baby processed food?! I threw it up and decided to order myself a cobb salad.  ))

So like I said, obsessed. And if you’re pregnant eating Lean Cuisines… I don’t judge I promise.

I really liked the oils and especially the cleaning products. They’re all natural so there’s no harsh fumes. And for moms with babys crawling on the floor, they can crawl on lemon essentials now instead of the other cleaner you use with 967 chemicals in it. Awesome right?

And also, you’re probably thinking…. oil? That’s going to leave smudge marks and stains all over the place. Well I promise you it wont. I’ve been using Thieves diluted with water to clean my mirrors and glass windows. No. Streaks. What. So. Ever. It’s a dream and it smells absolutely amazing. And for the marble countertops that are always oh so temperamental? Yep. I use it on those too. Check out some of my favorite oils that will help keep your family healthy and keep your home smelling like you just walked into a spa.



Lemon has such a light and clean scent. It’s a natural degreaser which makes it perfect for cleaning your stove. I also love using the oil to clean my hardwood floors with. Use about 1/2 cup of vinegar, 1 gallon of very warm water and a few drops of the essential oil. It’s a great cleaner and leaves the most beautiful polish.



Cinnamon is naturally antibacterial and fights against mold and mildew. Try using cinnamon to clean your bathroom and kitchen with. Are ants being a pest? Cinnamon is also a natural insect repellent.



The thieves is my all time favorite. You can buy the actually bottle of essential oil or you can purchase a bottle of the Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner. You can put it in your dishwasher, your laundry, or if you have a diffuser, you can put it in that too. Its sweet and spicy, it supports your immune system, eliminates odors and you can pretty much clean what ever you want with it. Like I said earlier, I clean my marble with this and it works like a charm.




Thyme is anti fungal and antibacterial. It’s a super hero pretty much when it comes to fighting germs and very effective against salmonella. Use it to clean your cutting board or use it in homemade dish soap.


Tea Tree

Tea tree oil fights germs, mold and bacteria. It’s a perfect cleaner for the kitchen or bathroom and it also fights against pests. Make your own household cleaner and use it to disinfect tile surfaces, workout equipment etc.

(Note: If you are making your own household cleaner, a lot of them call for vinegar. I would not recommend using vinegar on surfaces like granite or marble, the acid may be too harsh for your stone!)


Essential oils have so many benefits. Just to name a few, they can help with stress, acne and sleep. If you can name it, there’s an oil for it  But if you’re interested in cleaning chemical free or if you want to know more about the benefits of essential oils, please feel free to reach out to my friend Michelle or check out the Young Living website.

5 Tile Trends We Love

So as some of you may know, my family has been in the home improvement business for almost 30 years.

The office has always been my second home. I grew up playing with cabinet samples and hardware and paint swatches so who knows… maybe that’s why I’m kinda obsessed with everything that has to do with home remodeling and decor. Which maybe doesn’t sound that bad to you, but if you ask my husband, I could literally just sit on the couch with a magnum of Cabernet and a box of Ferrero Rocher’s and watch HGTV for hoursssss. But any who….

The point that I’m trying to get across is, I see so many tile orders come in and out everyday. Some of the tile trends, I just honestly want them to go away. Like when a customer comes in and they want something that’s horrible, as a sales rep, you should just tell them it’s not in stock or something.

But then there are others, that are simply amazing. Yes they’re a newer trend, but there classic and lasting as well. And who doesn’t like that? Here are a few of my favorites.




(Image Source)

If you’re a Pinterest lover like myself, I’m sure you’ve seen this one around. It works in a variety of spaces whether it’s the kitchen backsplash or the flooring of a bathroom. It’s gorgeous and it’s interesting.



(Image Source)

We’ve also been seeing alot of patterned mosaics. Some are choosing  to use patterns on their bathroom walls while others use it as accent tile over the kitchen range. Either way, patterns make any room instantly chic and fun.



(Image Source)

I would have to say I think this cement tile trend is definitely one of my favorites. It’s contemporary yet vintage at the same time. You can choose to go with a bolder color tile or you can find them in colors that are more soothing light blues and grays.



(Image Source)

Why limit tile just to your backsplash? Use the whole wall! Have a small bathroom with no windows? We’ve seen people opt for a lighter tile that goes up the whole wall. By doing this, you bounce light and get the illusion of a larger bathroom.



(Image Source)

The metal tile trend has been around for awhile. If you’re thinking about using some metallic accents, the trend will definitely stay around if you do it right.


Although there are tons and tons of great trends out there, these are just a few of my favorites.

What tile trends are you loving right now?


Living Stylishly: With Children

To be honest…there was a time in my life when I was a complete idiot when it came to the whole house/kids/breakable/stainable thing.

My husband tells me I’m like a bird, I’m just drawn to sparkly things.

I thought that I could just fill the house to the brim with glass tables, crystal candle holders and white area rugs and when it came time for us to have kids, I would just tell them to not touch those things and they would just listen (if you’re a mom you’re probably laughing out loud right now.) Like I mentioned earlier….complete idiot.

Now I go to Home Goods with my 1-year old and I walk down that first aisle, you know…the one with all the glass, and I just stare at it all…..and then I look at him and explain to him that these are alllll the things that mommy can’t buy because I know he’s going to break it.

But I’m not here to tell you that once you have children your house dreams are over. I’m here to tell you that you can have a beautiful home with beautiful things, you just need to style your home with the kiddies in mind.

Here are a few of my favorite tips:

Ditch the Sharp Edges

Kids bump, they roll, they run, they dive. And they do it all right into your coffee table. So glass table are out. But there are a lot of other options out there that are still stylish while being kid-friendly. Here are just a few…..


Chas Coffee Brown Leather Ottoman from Pier 1– Any ottoman works great in a kid-friendly living room. They’re cozy, elegant, they offer extra seating AND no sharp edges! I really like this leather one from Pier 1, mainly because leather’s pretty easy. If something spills, just wipe it off and you’re safe.



Cala Hammered Coffee Table from World Market– This antiqued-silver coffee table from World Market is so so so pretty. It’s rounded, so again, no sharp edges and the best part of all is that it doubles as storage.

Pattern Play

If you’re craving something light or white, then patterns are going to be your best friend.

Unfortunately there are going to be spills whether you want them or not. It’ll be beer, wine, vomit, pedialyte , chocolate shakes (I’m looking at you Colette)

Things just happen, and that’s okay. It’s a home and it’s meant to be lived in.

So if things just so happen to stain, patterns will make it way less noticeable.



Flavin Concave Arm Chair from Wayfair– This arm chair is pretty light, but because of the pattern, it will hide stains very well. The colors in this chair are actually very similar to the colors on my sectional at home. We’ve had so many spills I don’t even count any more. But the most recent spill was a whole glass of red wine. A little Dawn and a little seltzer water and you wouldn’t even know there was a spill. Thank gosh for patterns right? So you can have something light and pretty but practical at the same time.

A Tisket A Tasker Mommy Needs A Basket

We all know kids have A LOT of toys. Between the 5o teddy bears you got at your baby shower and all the gifts your kiddie is getting from Aunt so-and-so…it’s A LOT. 

And don’t get me wrong. The toys are great and fun and my son loves all of them. But at the same time….this is my house, not Tickle Me Elmo’s house so sometimes he just needs to go away.

Whether it’s the living room, bedroom or nursery, storage baskets pretty much work anywhere. They’ll hold your little ones toys, blankets, books and with all the different styles out there, this storage is sure to work seamlessly with your existing decor.

Here are a few options….

Threshold Wicker Milk Crate Basket from Target– I like these baskets. They’re affordable, they come in different sizes and they work really well with different home styles. Whether your style is mid-century, nautical, shabby chic or anything else….they work.

La Jolla Baskets from Serena & Lily– These are sooo cute and fun. They have different color options and if you prefer solids to patterns, they offer a solid color basket as well. 

Orrin Upholstered Storage Ottoman– Looking for something a little more elegant? Try a beautiful storage ottoman. I especially love these for the living room.

Lovely Lighting

Have I ever told you that I am completely obsessed with candles? You actually should be too. They smell good, they’re relaxing and they just make everything feel so warm and welcoming. 

But if you’re worried about leaving candles or glass hurricane vases out, here are some solutions.

For those of you who would like to add candles to a coffee table or side table, I’d like to recommend the flameless candles which you can easily find at Pier1 or Home Goods. They look pretty realistic and if your little one just so happens to reach it and touch it…it’s not the end of the world. AND if your child is a little garbage disposal like mine is, good move, because they can’t eat them either.

Dayna B Filigree Hurricanes from Overstock– These candle holders feature filigree cut outs which offers that soft warm glow. Because they’re metal, it’s no big deal if they happen to fall or get knocked over.

Pierced Metal Candle Holders from Pier 1– These candle holders offer a nice little touch of sparkle. Because these are crafted of metal and wood they make a perfect addition to your home, just make sure to pair these with the flameless candles if they are not going to be totally out of reach from your little one.

Plush Pillows

Throw pillows enhance your room’s decor and add a nice pop of color. You can easily give your space a makeover just by switching up your throw pillows, adding embroidered, sequined or patterned pillows.

Pier 1 is my absolute go to for throw pillows. Any spills? No problem, these throw pillows feature removable covers which makes clean up so much easier. Pier 1 has so many styles and they’re actually very affordable (the above three pillows are all under $35.00)

Well, these were just a few of my tips and tricks for living stylishly with children.

Do you have any more ideas?

A Review of Fox and Clover Boutique

When we first bought our home, there was something that I really wanted more than anything, more than a beautiful marble bathroom or an all white kitchen.
Above all, I wanted my home to be, well, homey.
I wanted my friends and family to come over and instantly feel comfortable and relaxed.
When they walked up our driveway and got to our front door I wanted everyone to feel welcomed.
So when I found Fox & Clover Boutique, an Etsy shop creating fun homemade goodies,
I knew I just had to have one of their door mats. Tara, the shop owner is wonderful to deal with and she provides beautiful and quality products.
Fox & Clover Boutique creates designs that are fresh and fun. They have these sassy door mats that will compliment your personality while making your guests smile before they even knock at your door. Looking for a housewarming gift? Something like this is perfect. Like seriously, who wouldn’t want one of these?
Here are a few of the door mats they have…..
Want something custom? Just send Tara a message and she’s more than happy to work with you on creating something extra special.
Fox & Clover Boutique also has these really fun mugs and mouse pads.
Cute right?
Check out Fox and Clover’s Etsy shop by visiting
And make sure to use code NEW10 to receive 10% off your purchase!
Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for the perfect gift, you’re sure to find something sweet at Fox & Clover Boutique

An Apartment Reveal & An Apology

So guys…I’m sorry.
I know I told you that I would have a “reveal post” for you over the weekend.
I had everything finished, the photos taken, the details written down. But you know, I am sorta new to this whole blog thing and the fact of the matter is, who really wants to read a blog post on a Sunday?
Not even me.
I was actually getting ready to write this post and then all of a sudden my husband offered me a glass of wine.
Like, yes. Absolutely. ( slams laptop shut )
The football games and the dinner parties and whatever else you folks do on your weekends are way more cool and I get it.
So I’m going to share the reveal with you today. Come on in…
I got a call from a very good friend of mine who told me that he just got an apartment on the south shore of Long Island. He gave me the keys to his apartment and told me to take a look and get a few ideas together.
Here’s what I had to work with…….
I’ll be honest….the only word I could use to describe this apartment was “cave”. It was a big blob of brown, tan and beige. It was the total opposite of what my client wanted, lots of white and grays, modern and contemporary.
With a month to decorate a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom and a budget of $1,000.00, I got to work right away. I was determined to find the best finds for the best deals.
First things first, we needed new paint and bad. The tan colors we had on the walls did not do the space justice. It made everything seem very dark and ya know, cave-like.
I wanted to freshen things up so I decided to go with Benjamin Moore’s Cloud Nine paint and add accents of Benjamin Moore’s Steel Wool. The Cloud Nine is technically considered white, but there’s a very slight hint of gray in it so its not so stark. And the Steel Wool….UGH…It’s one of my favorites.
You would not believe the difference a few coats of paint will make. I swear the apartment seems three times the size.
Now for the living room. I thought finding a couch that would fit into the budget would be so easy. Just walk into Home Goods and pick one of those right?
It was really important to my client that he had a couch that pulled out to a bed as well. He’s an extremely family-oriented guy and this would definitely come in handy when he had his family coming to visit.
I ended up finding this sleeper sofa on Overstock and I got it for a great price. The dark gray fit into his color-scheme and really popped against the cloud nine wall.
(And believe it or not, It’s actually pretty comfortable too. Which is weird because these sleeper sofas are notorious for being uncomfortable.)
I completed the living room with an ivory wool rug and a distressed wood and chrome coffee table.
Moving right along to the bathroom….
The original color was a pale, limey green. Just blah. Not modern or contemporary. Just blah.
I gave this bathroom a whole new look by just painting the walls with the BM Steel Wool, changing the shower curtain, adding some abstract art and adding a new light fixture.
And for those of you out there who are hating on your bathrooms but don’t feel like spending a ton of money. I did this for under $100.00. Yep! Bathrooms can be beautiful, just gotta give em a little TLC
Right off of the living room we had an empty corner. I decided to put a bar cart here (because who dosen’t like one of those?)
My client wanted his apartment to ‘feel like home’. Having something like this off the living room makes cocktails and glassware easily accesible to guests. Noone has to rummage through your kitchen cabinets to find a martini glass and not only that, but let me remind you this is a smaller apartment which means a smaller kitchen. Clearing the 2 cabinets that held the liquor and glassware made more room for dishes, silverware and small appliances.
Now the bedroom, which I am truly in love and obsessed with…………..
I’m sorry but all you’re getting today is a little sneak peak.
Apparently the stairs going up to this apartment are just narrow enough that we couldn’t fit the box spring.
We tried, we really did.
And when I say ‘we’ I mean the 6 guys from Bob’s Furniture that came to try and get this box spring up about 32 different ways.
It just wouldn’t fit.
But that’s okay! Because I found a store that has the full box spring in a split. So pretty much it comes in 2 smaller pieces instead of one big one;
So that should be delivered on Wednesday which means Wednesday night I can go and get my ‘final bedroom reveal’ photos taken and ready to share with you.
Well that’s all I have for today. Below is a source list for anyone interested.
Living Room Sources:
Bathroom Sources:
Bedroom Sources:
And like I mentioned earlier in this post…I’m new to this, so just bear with me and I promise I’ll get better as time goes on.
Happy Monday everyone!

My Favorite Black Friday Finds

So today I’ve got you some goodies!

Black Friday is coming up and it just so happens to be my absolute favorite shopping day of the whole entire year (because who wants to buy anything full price? Not I)

Here I’ve rounded up some of my favorite finds from some of my favorite stores, and who knows… You may even spot one of these finds in an upcoming project of mine.

Take a look……


1) Safavieh Chatham Rug This gorgeous pastel rug from RugsUSA is now 50% off with free shipping. It’s 100% wool and features a Moroccan motif. (Tip: If you sign up for their e-mail list they’ll give you an additional percentage off your purchase)

2) Sassy Sweet Porcelain Appetizer Plate Set “A party without cake is just a meeting.” Impress your guests with this sweet plate set from Pier 1. Originally priced at $24.95 this set is now $19.96.

3) Doss Mirror Top Console Table This stunning console table from Horchow will really make a statement whether in your entry, living room or dining room. Its features an antique gold finish with a mirror top. This week its 20% off! (And don’t forget to join their e-mail list! New customers receive a welcome promo code)

4) Gridding II Canvas Art Print This abstract art print from Kirkland’s uses cool colors with pops of gold. Perfect for the mantle or even on the dining room wall. Originally $69.00, this beautiful piece is now just $35.00!

5) Zaria Pillow  Z Gallerie is one of my favorite stores for throw pillows. Each pillow is well made, soft, with a touch of modern glamour. Add something special to your living room. All of Z Galleries pillows and accessories are now 20% off when you use the code THANKS20

6) Signal Hill Benchwright Button Tufts Wingback Hostess Chair (Set of 2) Check out Overstock for their Black Friday specials. These dining room chairs, originally $389.99 are now just $218.00. Give your dining room a touch of rustic elegance. These chairs are the perfect style and come in three different colors. (Psst…Overstock also offers discount codes to new customers, just be sure to join their e-mail list)


Well I hope you enjoyed my favorite Black Friday finds! I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.